Diamanti Appliance for Container Storage and Networking Delivers Enterprise­-Ready Converged Infrastructure to Support DC/OS

Latest infrastructure innovation for DC/OS delivers converged storage and networking for containers that automates production­ready deployment in minutes and guarantees container performance

MESOSCON, DENVER, CO – (Marketwired – May 31, 2016) – Diamanti, creators of the industry’s first turnkey networking and storage appliance that brings guaranteed performance levels to Linux containers, today at MesosCon announced support for Mesosphere’s DC/OS (Datacenter Operating System). In April, Diamanti announced its first beta user in NBCUniversal along with $12.5M in Series A funding round from CRV, DFJ Venture, GSR Ventures, and Goldman Sachs.

“Diamanti is the best infrastructure for running containers in production,” said Mark Balch, Vice President of Products for Diamanti. “By integrating support for Mesosphere’s DC/OS, we enable customers to deploy and manage containers alongside their existing infrastructure and applications. Containers address application mobility, but Diamanti automates data mobility for persistent storage and connecting containers. We leverage DC/OS open source orchestration and deliver seamless data center network interoperability to make our customers successful in moving container workloads from development into production with guaranteed levels of performance.”

Diamanti is part of Mesosphere’s “Powered by DC/OS” partner alliance supporting the DC/OS project dcos.io, a comprehensive platform for building, running, and scaling modern enterprise applications.

“The DC/OS open source project aims to accelerate innovation in datacenter and cloud computing in both hardware and software,” said Matt Trifiro, Chief Marketing Officer of Mesosphere. “Diamanti brings an innovative converged infrastructure platform to DC/OS users, and both companies share a vision of making it easier for Fortune 500 enterprises to build modern applications. We’re pleased to have their innovative technology as part of the global ecosystem of more than 60 companies building solutions around DC/OS.”

Deploying containers from developer machines to production­scale requires specialized expertise and complex manual processes. On the networking side, containerized applications impose convoluted integration for connectivity. On the storage side, application agility has outpaced data tier agility, requiring organizations to substantially over­provision and custom engineer their container infrastructure.

Diamanti’s converged appliance addresses infrastructure problems that developers and operators face when deploying containers in production. Its software­defined controls empower developers to specify their network and storage resources and service levels. The appliance delivers network and storage resources that deliver guaranteed performance levels with 10X latency and throughput improvements. Plugging seamlessly into existing infrastructure, it is simple for IT operators to deploy, manage, and scale. Diamanti supports an open software ecosystem, including DC/OS, Docker and Kubernetes for directly deploying containers within seconds.

About Diamanti

Diamanti solves the most challenging networking and storage requirements that organizations face when moving containerized workloads from development into production. The Diamanti appliance plugs into existing environments and delivers guaranteed performance and 10X improvements in I/O throughput and latency, allowing developers and operators to predictably deploy, scale, and manage containers without time­consuming customization. Based in San Jose, California, Diamanti is backed by venture investors CRV, DFJ, GSR Ventures, and Goldman Sachs. For more information visit www.diamanti.com or follow @diamanticom.

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