Diamanti announces GroundWork 8.3 release

Diamanti announces GroundWork 8.3 release

GroundWork Enterprise, a tool to simplify IT monitoring, is a powerful monitoring software for physical, virtual, and cloud-based infrastructures. GroundWork can monitor the entire IT environment. GroundWork bridges enterprises’ on-premise and cloud-scale monitoring and analytics.

GroundWork provides monitoring of all mission-critical infrastructure components including applications, services, operating systems, network protocols, systems metrics, and more. Built on the industry-leading open source platform Nagios Core, and Plug-ins, GroundWork v8.3.0 introduces several customer and community features and enhancements.

What’s new in GroundWork 8.3?

GroundWork Messenger

The popular GroundWork Messenger templating engine has been extended with new macros. The new update supports macros for Host Address, Host Notes, and Contact Details including phone numbers and primary & alternate email addresses.

This new version release introduces the GroundWork Messenger Generic Scripting feature, for integrators to build powerful custom notification solutions. This allows for notifications and alerts to be customized to report any product over a scripting endpoint.

Additionally, improvements for logging and debugging of the status of messages are added.

GroundWork Grafana Support

The Grafana Data Source now runs separately from GroundWork and can be installed into the most recent versions of the popular Grafana dashboard. The GroundWork Grafana data source is decoupled from GroundWork, offering customers the ability to include the GroundWork data source in the latest versions of Grafana Enterprise, Cloud, and open source packages.

Also, the support for the latest Grafana version is included in this release. The data source can now retrieve metrics from remote GroundWork servers. Grafana is now optionally packaged with the GroundWork installers.

APM (Application Performance Monitoring Prometheus) Connector

This GW v8.3.0 release further expands GroundWork’s Application Performance Monitoring (APM) connector to support dynamic labeling of metrics using pattern matching and translation.

The APM Connector now supports regex filtering of metrics. We had multiple requests from customers to filter out excessive metrics coming from Prometheus Exposition formatted endpoints. Dynamic Metrics Labeling uses pattern matching to match labels and then re-label.

AWS CloudHub Connector

The AWS CloudHub Connector fully supports filtering (white list, black list) of AWS labels on EC2 instances and other resources.

Telegraf Plugin

Further open source contributions have been made to Telegraf, including improvements to the GroundWork output plugin and a new Classify processor plugin.  These are now used in support of advanced Syslog Monitoring and SNMP Monitoring.

This release offers full support to Syslog Monitoring in GW8 with Telegraf agent and GroundWork Telegraf Plugin. Telegraf output plugin can now also configure its app type.

All SNMPTT (Simple Network Management Protocol Trap Translator) monitoring scripts have been converted to work with the Telegraf Metrics Agent as Telegraf TOML configurations.

RS Tools

The new capabilities in this version enable the ability to clone SLA dashboards, and all of its widgets. Also, BSM Export Import of tree structures is included.

System and Command Line Utilities

Backup script now backs up all volumes, both GroundWork and user-defined volumes. Installer now allows you to go back and make changes. Docker Compose upgraded to latest version in the new release.


It includes additional Perl packages in Monarch and Nagios.


Multiple authentication configurations for the same v3 user are now available.

Status Summary (Viewer) and Dashboard

Several important improvements added for Threshold Overrides. The new version has Host Group sorting and display improvements. The Downtime Comments are now displayed on the Status page itself. SLA Status improvements and fixes to dashboard are added.