Diamanti Advances On-Premises Kubernetes with New Features and New Gear

Given the furious pace of Kubernetes adoption and cloud-native technology innovation, it’s hardly surprising to us at Diamanti that it feels like we’re still fresh off of the launch of the industry’s first purpose-built Kubernetes platform, based on the Diamanti D10 appliance.

Today, the D10 bows to a more powerful, more performant building block of the Diamanti Enterprise Kubernetes Platform: the Diamanti D20

Diamanti D20 Appliance: Next-Gen Speeds and Feeds


The D20 gets a raw performance boost over its predecessor from Intel’s Purley server platform, which includes two Silver 4114 2.2 GHz Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors. Each D20 offers up to 44 CPU cores, 768GB of RAM, and 32TB of fast NVMe storage. In addition, the D20 expands networking to 2x40G or 8x10G connectivity.

New High-Impact Enterprise Features with Diamanti Console Version 2.1

In the cloud-native world, high performance is a must (especially at scale), but by no means did we stop there; the vast majority of users will also be keenly interested in how the Diamanti Enterprise Kubernetes Platform delivers on the features that enterprises demand from their container infrastructure. Here’s what release 2.1 offers:

Performance-tier QoS limits

With the launch of the Diamanti Enterprise Kubernetes platform in 2016, per-container Quality-of-Service was an industry first. Today, it remains a core differentiator and a driver of unparalleled resource efficiency. With 2.1, we offer even more fine-grained control by enabling users to define specific IOPS and bandwidth upper/lower limits for a given performance tier:


Volume Resize

Diamanti makes persistent storage for containers dead simple. Now, we add even more flexibility by enabling users to increase the capacity of a specific volume.

Multi-domain LDAP

Security is paramount and Diamanti is intensely focused on enhancing the security posture of the entire platform. In release 2.1, we’ve taken our LDAP support and extended it to multiple domains.

Open-Source Kubernetes 1.12 and Docker 1.13 Support

The Diamanti Enterprise Kubernetes platform comes fully integrated with unmodified versions of Kubernetes and Docker, and we certify our appliances with each new release as soon as possible. Diamanti Console 2.1 is Kubernetes 1.12 certified, and supports Docker 1.13.

OpenShift Support

Finally, users of Red Hat OpenShift (arguably the most commercially successful container Platforms-as-a-Service) can now run it on Diamanti bare metal! This is big news, and we are introducing a new D20 variant called the Diamanti D20 OpenShift Appliance. Diamanti is uniquely positioned to help maximize customers’ OpenShift usage and experience. Stay tuned!

For more information on the new Diamanti D20 appliance and the latest 2.1 release, visit Diamanti’s product page and download the D20 appliance data sheet