Diamanti—10 Years (and counting) of Intelligent Storage for Kubernetes

When it comes to supporting Kubernetes, Diamanti is proud to be celebrating our 10th anniversary. 

Back in 2014, we were one of the first to recognize that (1) Kubernetes would become the de facto orchestration engine for containers but (2) Kubernetes was missing key components that were needed to support containers at enterprise scale.  

So, Diamanti led the way with an intelligent storage platform delivering the performance, availability, and recovery capabilities needed to make Kubernetes enterprise ready. 

Ten years later, we haven’t stopped innovating. That’s why we created this video—it delivers a 2-minute snapshot of what sets Diamanti apart: 

  • Delivering the persistent storage needed to host stateful applications 
  • Providing the data services that are essential for achieving zero RPO disaster recovery 
  • Streamlining workload portability across any environment—cloud or on-premises 
  • Making the VM-to-container transition as easy as possible 
  • Lowering container lifecycle costs 

Take 2 minutes to watch our overview video—it covers a lot of ground. 

Let’s be honest—it  took a while for a lot of providers to realize that Kubernetes was the future. Back in 2014, AWS and Azure were years away from introducing their Kubernetes platforms. Even Rancher was hedging its bets supporting a range of container orchestration engines. Being 100% focused on Kubernetes from the very start has always been an advantage for Diamanti—giving us experience and insights that our competitors simply can’t match. 

Is a Diamanti platform in your future?  

  • Host your containers in the cloud and save money with our  Ultima Enterprise cloud platform.  
  • Get unmatched Quality of Service and lower your data center costs with our Ultima Accelerator appliance pre-integrated on Dell or Lenovo servers.  
  • Enjoy robust Day 2 and beyond multi-cluster management capabilities with our Spektra solution. 

When it comes to Kubernetes, trust the company with the 10-year track record. 

Watch the video and see what Diamanti can do for you.