Containers in New York

Containerized applications are entering the mainstream, as witnessed by presentations from financial services and media users at the recent Tectonic Summit held in New York. Attendees heard about a real-time trading application, popular entertainment services, and container services for thousands of developers – all in production.

As more applications are built for containers, performance at scale is unsurprisingly becoming a key factor in the success of these applications. Tectonic Summit attendees heard from one production user that network overlay software had to be removed for performance reasons. There was another instance of user feedback on utilizing local storage for similar reasons of performance and scale.

The following day, I had the honor of attending the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s inaugural meeting along with many leading container technologists. Deepening network and storage support within the cloud-native infrastructure stack was the basis for many of the first collaboration proposals and conversations.

These experiences in New York further reinforce my observation in a prior blog post that the community is rapidly working to provide container developers and administrators with the capabilities they will need to deliver application performance at scale. As (now Diamanti) and others collaborate on these solutions, we can look forward to more user stories of mainstream container adoption.