Containers for the cloud-native data tier

Some may wonder about how containers benefit cloud-native data tiers, where long-lived processes and persistent data are common. Containers are often discussed in the context of stateless microservices – where web and app server instances (common examples from a large universe) are replicated, deployed, and scaled behind load balancers – silently scaling up and down to meet demand.

Containers allow you to deploy databases, message queues, and the like in a portable format, operate them in a multi-tenant configuration with other workloads on the same infrastructure, and provide them with direct, efficient, high-performance bare-metal resources.’s (now Diamanti) contributions to the Kubernetes ecosystem are intended to provide a vendor-agnostic means for developers to access fast, predictable data services on demand using their existing Docker images. In doing so as part of an open source solution, our goal is providing administrators with a standards-based platform that works the first time, every time for deploying cloud-native data tiers.

KubeCon is a great opportunity for (now Diamanti) to learn more about progress in the cloud-native application ecosystem and share our own activities and learnings. We’re excited about the conference and hope you can join in the fun and exploration with us.