Congratulations on winning the ‘Indian Achievers’ Award for CEO of the Year, 2021

DREAM is not what you see in sleep, DREAM is something that doesn’t let you sleep.

Today we are proud to announce a great achievement by Chris Hickey being Awarded by IAF(Indian Achievers forum) as CEO of the Year. He really deserved this honor for his Achievement and Contribution to the software industry. 

Here is the moments of discussion between Chirs and the IAF team 

Taking Digital transformation to a whole new level, Mr. Chris Hickey talks about clouds and his future plans“One of the biggest changes in technology today is the ability to build clouds”, says Mr. Chris Hickey, CEO, Diamanti. There are so many small, medium and large-scale businesses that run on technology. These organizations need to have a great customer experience with the data available to them. Hence, data has now become an integral part of any organization that is into business. 

Diamanti offers them the ability to build clouds in a very high productive and cost-effective manner; solves the challenge of container-based hybrid clouds with the best enterprise-optimized platform called Kubernetes on a technology known as Kubernetes. For any organization to have a great customer experience, storage, backing up the data, and networking capabilities play a key role. Kubernetes, allows the enterprises to unlock the full potential of the cloud and de-risk their environments with the fast performance at any scale, be it on-premise clouds or off-site, it is made sure that the user experience is maintained.

“The ability to adapt, comprehend and embrace those changes through professional developments and training is the key to long term success”, quotes Mr. Chris as he talks about the challenges he faced in his 40 year-long journeys. Talking about expanding the wings of Diamanti, he further says that they would be investing great developers across various locations, ensuring that the employees work in a good environment. He aims to build a blended modal, that will be growth-centric to employees working in the U.S as well as India.

Mr. Chris believes that work starts from employees and with this thought, he has hired interns, both in the U.S as well as in India to upskill them with industrial knowledge and make them future-ready.