A fundamental change is under way in how businesses develop and deploy applications — and it’s all being driven by time-to-market pressures. Whether it’s a new web portal, streaming content, real-time ads, or a database tracking inventory, today’s businesses need these digital services to stay competitive.

What technologies are driving this change? Containers, Kubernetes, microservices, scale-out architectures, big data, and NoSQL to name a few. The common denominator is that they all are open source, which means that they are adopted by application developers because they enable faster time-to-market.

At the same time, these new technologies are also profoundly disrupting IT operations, because developing an application on a laptop is quite different from deploying it in production. Today, IT is saddled with legacy infrastructure built around virtual machines and legacy applications such as Oracle or SAP. IT needs help to keep pace with the increasing velocity of developers — and ultimately the business.

Diamanti provides a fully integrated solution that enables businesses to develop and migrate their modern applications into production. Our customers range across all verticals from financial, media, manufacturing, and energy, to name a few. Our purpose-built infrastructure for modern containerized applications lets your business focus on what’s important: delivering applications, not managing infrastructure.

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