Building an Innovative Culture at Diamanti With the Customer in Mind

A note from the CEO

Diamanti is dedicated to making the vision of a hybrid cloud a reality and helping our customers best manage Kubernetes applications and data. Customers are looking for our leadership as they transition away from legacy architecture and future-proof their businesses. I am excited to join Diamanti as its new CEO and help drive forward this mission for our employees, partners, and customers. 

I am prepared to build on my past experiences — from growing Total Defense from startup to profitability in one year to my 13 years at CA Technologies — to accelerate Diamanti’s success. 

Investing in people is a cornerstone of my leadership creed. That’s because it’s the people that make a company successful. I’ve been impressed with the top-notch talent at Diamanti. Our whole team is unbelievably brilliant and innovative, and our developers are phenomenal. 

The pace of innovation at Diamanti has been astounding and we’ll keep that major focus not just on innovation and technology, but also ensuring customers have a great experience when they work with Diamanti. We are committed to driving customer adoption of Diamanti products and solutions. We will measure our team on successful customer deployments that meet our customers use cases

Diamanti has always been committed to its customers and that will continue — we’ll listen to our customers and measure ourselves on whether we are delivering results that propel their business forward. While most people focus on the tree, we are focused on the seed, which is our customers. We are committed to having the number one customer success team and sales team in the industry where every customer is a reference customer based on products we successfully deploy.

We will break down any silos for customers and use data and KPIs to validate that the company is on the right track.  We meet and listen to our customers’ requirements and build our product roadmap around our customers’ feedback at all times. We will invest in training and development to take the team to even greater heights.

With more than 20 years of selling and managing a partner-led business, we will leverage my experience with leading resellers and distributors to drive our business 100 percent via a two-tier channel model, without deviation. Our sales team– field sale, inside sales, and pre-sales  — will all drive demand end business through our plan to be transacting all new orders, 100 percent, via partners to help drive our business

Under my leadership, you can count on Diamanti to be a reliable technology provider and partner. As the data revolution transforms our customers’ businesses, Diamanti is poised for phenomenal success by offering cost savings with mind-bending performance.

It’s the right place at the right time, and I’m ready to get to work.

 – Chris Hickey, CEO