Announcing Diamanti Spektra 3.1 and Diamanti Central Customer Portal

Our release of Diamanti Spektra 3.0, a finalist in the CRN annual Tech Innovator Awards, earlier this year was an important milestone that introduced the next evolution of our hyperconverged platform for Kubernetes and containers extending to multiple clusters across a hybrid cloud.

Today, we’re excited to announce Diamanti Spektra 3.1, an enhancement to the Spektra platform, which further simplifies the challenges of enterprises rolling out Kubernetes both on-premises and in multi-cloud environments. This announcement demonstrates Diamanti’s continued commitment to our customers, by empowering them with a simpler, more efficient method to deploy Kubernetes in the enterprise, and in public clouds.

Diamanti Spektra 3.1 is power-packed with some great features that include support for AWS, Diamanti Insights telemetry capabilities and a new port group that doubles the network bandwidth. Combined with Kubernetes 1.18 update and other key enhancements, these all ease the transition to container-based architectures in the hybrid cloud. The Diamanti Spektra console is a single pane of glass that allows users to manage on-premises clusters and Kubernetes clusters from public cloud providers such as Azure, and now AWS.

Our goal has and will continue to focus on enabling developers an easy and efficient method to adopt and implement Kubernetes within their organizations. To this effort, we’re also introducing Diamanti Central, a new customer portal, that provides access to best practices, product documentation, reference architectures, and technical support.

Unleash the Full Value of Kubernetes on AWS with Spektra 3.1 and Ultima

For the Spektra 3.1 release, we are adding support for AWS that enables users to create AWS clusters, deploy applications, and migrate applications to and from AWS clusters. Users can also enable disaster recovery (DR) between AWS and on-premises clusters to improve fault tolerance and eliminate single points of failure. Spektra 3.1 enables customers to upload and manage AWS licenses. Users can track CPU core usage, track license expiration and receive alerts in case usage goes over the limit.

Figure 1: Diamanti Spektra Management Console gives visibility across cloud and on-premises environments


Diamanti has also added support for AWS to its recently-announced Diamanti Ultima Kubernetes data plane software, which provides interoperability with AWS and virtual and bare-metal infrastructure, abstracting the underlying storage media, and supporting various Kubernetes management solutions, including Diamanti Spektra, Red Hat OpenShift, Amazon EC2, EKS, Azure, AKS, VMware Tanzu and other Kubernetes platforms.

This new support for AWS is particularly significant because it allows AWS customers to make use of higher performance local NVMe drives on EC2 instances in a fault tolerant manner. Historically, customers requiring fault tolerance have had to use EBS storage services. Now, Diamanti customers can take advantage of much higher performing EC2 instances with local NVMe storage and still have full DR and DP capabilities such as snapshots, synchronous, and asynchronous replication. The customer achieves higher performance, greater fault tolerance, and lower cost per IOPS. Diamanti supports all storage features on top of EBS volumes, providing container granular volumes, flexibility, higher performance, high availability across zones, providing cost savings to customers.

Ultima’s hybrid cloud data portability empowers enterprises to migrate and failover stateful applications between on-premises and cloud clusters while maintaining persistent data and avoiding vendor lock-in. Ultima also lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO) by avoiding or minimizing certain cloud provider charges for backup, data protection, disaster recovery, and multi-zone availability capabilities.

Figure 2: Manage Kubernetes clusters on AWS using advanced storage and networking features offered by Diamanti Ultima


Diamanti Spektra 3.1

Along with the support for AWS, Diamanti Spektra 3.1 includes the following new features to help enterprises rapidly adopt and expand Kubernetes on-premises and in the cloud:

Double your Network Bandwidth with New Data Port Group

In Spektra 3.1, we’ve enabled a new data port group (2x10G) for the Diamanti D20 series allowing customers to double the available bandwidth to 4x10G for container data traffic.

Customers have the flexibility to re-purpose this data port group for traffic separation suitable for use cases such as routing host (NFS/iSCSI) storage traffic to the storage top of rack (ToR) without affecting bandwidth available for container data traffic.


Figure 3: New Data Port Group


Diamanti Insights

Many enterprise customers are looking for ways to minimize the complexity of managing Kubernetes infrastructure. Diamanti Insights provides proactive support, and identifies emerging hardware and software issues, thereby simplifying Day 2 management. Diamanti Insights captures and sends critical data about customer environments, including Diamanti node and health, drive health & statistics, Kubernetes cluster component status and license utilization. This infrastructure-focused data is collected locally at the scope of a Spektra domain and periodically uploaded to Diamanti Central, our new customer portal.


  • Track Application Level Logs in Spektra Console: Users can view and search application level logs to diagnose any issue quickly and reduce mean time to resolution
  • GPU Support: With Spektra 3.1, users can provision GPU resources to different tenants and projects as well as monitor GPU resource utilization from a single pane of glass

Spektra 3.1 Packaged with Kubernetes 1.18

Kubernetes 1.18 comes with plenty of enhancements improving the reliability of Kubernetes as well as building on its existing functionality. For more information on Kubernetes 1.18.5, please refer to the Kubernetes website.

Diamanti Central

Diamanti is launching a new customer portal, Diamanti Central, which provides access to tools, documentation, and customer support. The portal also includes a library of curated applications that showcase data-intensive applications that benefit from Diamanti’s unique data plane solution. In addition, visitors also have the opportunity to register for upcoming free trials of Diamanti Spektra and Ultima.

Figure 4: Diamanti Central home page


Simplify Kubernetes Adoption and Expansion

Diamanti is solving the challenges of container-based hybrid clouds with a focus on making it simple to operate and scale. Expanding Diamanti Spektra and Ultima to support AWS simplifies the experience of adopting and scaling Kubernetes. With the addition of Diamanti Insights, Spektra 3.1 delivers improved troubleshooting capabilities and the ability to improve uptime. Diamanti Central empowers customers to embark on their Kubernetes journey with confidence and keep up-to-date with all of the latest information on new releases, trials and best practices around Diamanti Spektra and Ultima.

To learn more about Diamanti Spektra 3.1, Diamanti Ultima and Diamanti Central,