Announcing Diamanti D20 v2.3 Release

Across all industries, businesses are looking to run their infrastructure on a container-based platform. However, running Kubernetes and containers is not an easy task. Diamanti Enterprise Kubernetes Platform makes this turnkey and production-grade. The Diamanti Enterprise Kubernetes Platform delivers the industry’s only purpose-built, fully integrated Kubernetes platform with hardware offload, high-speed NVMe drives and container-granular quality-of-service (QoS).

Diamanti software version 2.3 is now generally available. Version 2.3 adds support for upstream Kubernetes version 1.15 along with the latest storage, networking, security, and platform enhancements.

What’s new in Diamanti Software Release 2.3?

Kubernetes 1.15:

Kubernetes 1.15 brings a plethora of enhancements such as CoreDNS and Container Storage Interface (CSI). For more information on Kubernetes 1.15, please refer to the Kubernetes website.

Virtual Overlay Network:

For improved network scalability, version 2.3 now supports virtual overlay network. This enables Kubernetes system administrators to run a virtual network on top of a physical network and eliminates the requirement to have a uniquely addressable public IP address per pod. Additionally, this feature gives the flexibility to create network policies to enforce namespace isolation at the network layer.

Instant Volume Restore to Any Snapshot:

Diamanti software version 2.3 improves data protection and disaster recovery by supporting instant volume restore to any snapshot. This enables a volume to be instantly restored to a snapshot from a previous point in time and eliminates time-consuming data copy.

Container Storage Interface Driver:

Version 2.3 adds Container Storage Interface (CSI) driver support to integrate with Kubernetes for all volume-related operations. CSI provides a standard mechanism to expose storage to the containerized applications. Diamanti CSI driver provides support for dynamic volume provisioning, volume management for applications with attach/detach operations, volume expansion, and creation and deletion of a snapshot.

Raw Block Volume:

With the support for CSI plugin, Diamanti software version 2.3 adds support for raw block volume. As running stateful applications such as databases become more common with Kubernetes, the need for raw block volume has become very critical.

Availability Zone Enhancements:

Availability Zones (AZ) provide the flexibility to deploy production applications and resources in a highly available, resilient/fault-tolerant, and scalable manner. For a multi-zone cluster where all AZs may not have the same configuration, Kubernetes mastership and/or storage volumes can be confined to a subset of AZs.

Diamanti software version 2.3 brings a great set of feature enhancements to the Diamanti Enterprise Kubernetes Platform. Contact us to see Diamanti live in action or if you would like to take it for a spin.