Achieving Agility Through Containerized Applications

Agility has become increasingly important to IT administrators who worked tirelessly over the past decade to automate operations, improve resiliency, and help their enterprises adapt to rapidly-evolving business needs. But in 2020, when offices worldwide closed their doors adopting fully remote operations, agile infrastructure was no longer a “nice to have” or a “long-term vision” but a necessity, here and now. 

While many think of Kubernetes and containers as an application development tool for greenfield applications, the speed, simplicity, and portability that containerized applications offer are increasingly appealing to enterprise users with existing applications as they seek to minimize cost and complexity in their ongoing IT operations. To gain a better understanding of how enterprise organizations are utilizing Kubernetes today and what will drive change in the future, analysts at 451 Research, a part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, conducted the “Voice of the Enterprise: DevOps, Workloads & Key Projects 2020 survey.” The accompanying report, “The Rising Wave of Stateful Container Applications in the Enterprise” outlining the ways in which stateful applications are driving container innovation for the enterprise.

Download the research paper here to learn:

– How technology is enabling stateful container applications

– Why enterprises are demanding containerization of stateful applications

– What type of support is needed for stateful container applications