5 Ways Diamanti Complements OpenShift

Red Hat OpenShift is one of the most trusted names in Kubernetes deployments, but try integrating container storage capabilities into OpenShift, and you can quickly find yourself wrestling with a whole set of performance issues that stymie application development and drive up costs.

To avoid those problems, run OpenShift on a Diamanti platform. With Diamanti and Red Hat working together, developer and operations teams get easy access to the intelligent storage they need to operate, scale, and protect Kubernetes applications and databases anywhere with just a few clicks.

  1. Seamless Persistent Storage: OpenShift and Diamanti work seamlessly together—no need to change anything in your existing applications. Deliver scalable, persistent storage for containers anywhere.
  2. Simple Self-service: Get a 100% self-service solution—no need for IT.  Developers can easily deploy, operate, and scale multiple databases and Kubernetes storage.
  3. Data Protection: Get the protection you need that’s not included in OpenShift. Rely on Diamanti for replication, high availability, zero RPO disaster recovery and more.
  4. Lower Costs: Take advantage of performance enhancements that minimize IOPS and reduce OpenShift and cloud storage costs by as much as 50% and more
  5. Flexibility: Move applications—including stateful applications— between any cloud, on-premise, or edge environment. Easily adapt to business requirements without changing the developer experience.

Here’s a great video on how Diamanti complements OpenShift. Also, our website is loaded with information.

We would also be happy to arrange a consult/discussion on OpenShift with one of our certified Kubernetes engineers. Click here and we’ll set it up

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