5 Biggest Manufacturing Challenges and How to Overcome Them with Kubernetes

If you have ever worked in manufacturing, you can’t deny one fact – the industry has gone through many changes over the years. Increased competition and shrinking margins force manufacturing companies to optimize their processes and implement technology-based solutions. As a result, the manufacturing industry is built on automation and the use of cutting-edge technology. However, despite all these advancements, manufacturers have to deal with many challenges that can only be solved by adopting new technologies like Kubernetes. 

However, the vast majority of the businesses in this industry don’t understand the importance of adopting new strategies and do not know where to start. Manufacturers need to use any process to eliminate waste, lower costs, and provide superior products. But these are challenging goals to attain. Many manufacturers are still using archaic technologies that were successful in the past but will soon be unable to support manufacturing demands in the future. 

In the manufacturing industry, manufacturers face five main challenges: the high cost of development and integration, high cost of production, low ability to change business processes quickly, low ability to generate customer loyalty, and increased customer defect rates. These business challenges can lead to poor company performance and prolonged losses. This blog goes over some of the challenges within the manufacturing industry and how they can be solved using Kubernetes. 

Manufacturing Can Pose Several Challenges: 

Modern enterprises are looking for solutions that would make their lives easier, help them improve productivity, and streamline processes. Moreover, as the competition in the contemporary world becomes more robust, businesses can’t afford to lose even a single customer due to slow service or malfunctioning software. The following are the key challenges that the manufacturers face today: 

  • It is difficult for the manufacturing industry to adopt new technologies such as cloud computing because of time-consuming process breaks, frequent upgrades, and bug-fixing 
  • Supply chain management is as essential to manufacturing companies as the assembly line. However, technical issues related to compliance often go undetected in the supply chain process 
  • Manufacturers need to constantly innovate to stay competitive and relevant, though they often find this problematic. The lack of a promising technology base holds back innovation, leading to losses 
  • Even the best product will fall behind its competitors if it is unavailable to the target audience. Therefore, manufacturers must respond quickly and effectively or risk losing profits and market share 
  • Manufacturing companies are often data-driven, using reporting and decision support systems processes. However, manual analysis (audits and statistical reports) is not only time-consuming and risky, but it also fails to unearth important insights about business decisions 

One of the significant challenges for the manufacturing industry is the need for high-performance interconnected systems that can respond faster than ever before. In addition, these systems need to be dynamic enough to cater to various requirements yet flexible enough to address specific situations. Kubernetes is a game-changer when addressing these issues in the manufacturing industry. 

Scaling with Diamanti Kubernetes

Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and managing containerized applications across host machines clusters. This gives you the ability to deploy and scale your application on any infrastructure that integrates with Kubernetes. Industry leaders find that Kubernetes is critical in helping them achieve their goals and overcome challenges they face at work every day. Manufacturers are increasingly shifting to deploying their applications on the cloud, giving them better scalability, security, and performance to meet the heavy workloads. Diamanti’s platform helps manufacturers quickly deploy applications using containers and Kubernetes. The Diamanti Kubernetes Engine is a production-grade hosting platform that accelerates application development and delivery for developers and DevOps engineers. Diamanti provides manufacturers with end-to-end services in an easy-to-use SaaS offering that allows them to unlock their containerized applications and microservices from development to operations. 

With its support for Kubernetes workloads and its container management, storage, networking, data availability, backup, disaster recovery, and other features, Diamanti has full support for container-based applications. In addition, there are many benefits of intelligent manufacturing that come with Diamanti’s Kubernetes platform. 

  • Business is increasingly relevant in a digital, fast-paced world 
  • Testing models decrease product risks before production begins 
  • Proactive maintenance helps prevent malfunctions 
  • Increased visibility of the supply chain and its efficiency 
  • Predictive insights make it possible to deliver what customers want and expect and do that faster 

Your Key to Smart Manufacturing 

Diamanti’s visionary team, aware of the manufacturer’s challenges and the oncoming data revolution, ascertained how the value of processing data was changing the manufacturing process forever with increased data dependencies. With the data-hungry applications moving and processing in real-time, the Diamanti platform successfully accelerates the I/O of the applications using specialized hardware that optimizes everything in the stack using Kubernetes.  

Manufacturers witness up to 30 times faster performance in some applications, resulting in huge savings by reducing hardware and software footprint. Additionally, built-in features like snapshots, synchronous and asynchronous replication, space-efficient read-write clones make the Diamanti solution highly efficient and durable. The following are the key outcomes manufacturers see when they shift to the cloud with Diamanti: 

  • They cut TCO and data center footprint by 70% 
  • Manufacturers secure a high-performance solution with 1 million IOPs per node 
  • Dedicated, certified support will help you achieve the project’s goals 
  • They reduce user time spent on routine administrative tasks 
  • Teams streamline development processes and accelerate time to market 
  • Diamanti’s foundation for business digitalization reduces cost and risk while increasing speed to insight and agility 

Diamanti is a proven leader in container management, with advanced and proprietary container orchestration algorithms to handle whatever enterprise workloads can throw at it. At the same time, we keep our customers in control of their organization’s IT environments. So regardless of your business as a manufacturer, Diamanti will be able to handle whatever workloads you throw at it. For more information, check out our website, or contact us