2024 Kubernetes Adoption Survey

Diamanti, the leading provider of complete Kubernetes (K8s) container platforms, is proud to release our 2024 Kubernetes Adoption Survey, delivering new insights into how enterprises are shifting to containers for application hosting. You can download your copy of the survey here. Our long and extensive track record has enabled Diamanti to compile the largest database of Kubernetes implementations, information we continually use to adapt our solutions to the needs of the marketplace. The Diamanti 2024 Kubernetes Adoption Survey—which includes responses from organizations of all sizes (FORTUNE 500 companies to SMBs) and industries—is a continuation of our effort to learn from the market. The survey shows that demand for Kubernetes remains high with the majority of respondents reporting that they have applications transitioning to containers in the next 12 months. 84% of respondents reported that they had plans to transition to containers using K8s. The survey makes clear that Kubernetes is now
  • Moving out of the dev/test world and into enterprise-scale production
  • Being deployed in both cloud and on-premises environments
  • Supporting both stateless applications and performance-demanding stateful applications
  • Getting increased scrutiny over issues such as application availability and operational costs
Challenges to K8s While the survey shows that the container transition is going strong, it also highlights the challenges that face organizations implementing Kubernetes containers at enterprise scale, including
  • The need for High Availability and Disaster Recovery capabilities
  • How using containers for cost control–both cloud and on-premises—has emerged as a top-of-mind consideration.
  • The growing demand for better container IOPS performance.
  • How, in a major shift, K8s containers are increasingly being used for stateful applications.
The 2024 Kubernetes Adoption Survey also touches on other market trends, such as
  • The most popular databases used with Kubernetes.
  • How managed service providers are becoming a popular option for container implementation.
As a leading provider of solutions for the deployment and management of Kubernetes containers across all environments (on-premises, cloud, virtualized and bare metal) Diamanti’s mission is to do everything we can to simplify and streamline this transition. We would also be happy to arrange a consult/discussion with one of certified Kubernetes engineers. We find these conversations extremely helpful, and I am certain you will too. Also, consider taking our Diamanti Cloud Challenge. We can reduce your cloud costs on your K8s implementation. Click here to learn more and get started.